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ElggUser.js File Reference

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elgg inherit (elgg.ElggUser, elgg.ElggEntity)


elgg ElggUser
elgg ElggUser prototype isAdmin
 Is this user an admin? More...

Function Documentation

elgg inherit ( elgg.  ElggUser,
elgg.  ElggEntity 

Variable Documentation

Initial value:
= function(o) {
elgg.ElggEntity.call(this, o);
var elgg
Definition: elgglib.js:4

Definition at line 12 of file ElggUser.js.

elgg ElggUser prototype isAdmin
Initial value:
= function() {
return this.admin;

Is this user an admin?

The admin state of the user should be checked on the server for any actions taken that require admin privileges.

Definition at line 26 of file ElggUser.js.