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crop.php File Reference

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 $guid = (int) get_input('guid')
 Avatar crop action. More...
 $owner = get_user($guid)
if(!$owner||!$owner->canEdit()) if(!$owner->hasIcon('master')) $coords
if(!$owner||!$owner->canEdit()) if(!$owner->hasIcon('master')) if(!$owner->saveIconFromElggFile($owner->getIcon('master'), 'icon', $coords)) $view = 'river/user/default/profileiconupdate'

Variable Documentation

if (!$owner||!$owner->canEdit()) if (!$owner->hasIcon('master')) $coords
Initial value:
= [
'x1' => (int) get_input('x1', 0)
get_input($variable, $default=null, $filter_result=true)
Get some input from variables passed submitted through GET or POST.
Definition: input.php:27

Definition at line 18 of file crop.php.

$guid = (int) get_input('guid')

Avatar crop action.

Definition at line 6 of file crop.php.

$owner = get_user($guid)

Definition at line 7 of file crop.php.

if (!$owner||!$owner->canEdit()) if (!$owner->hasIcon('master')) if (!$owner->saveIconFromElggFile($owner->getIcon('master'), 'icon', $coords)) $view = 'river/user/default/profileiconupdate'
/root/Elgg/engine/lib/output.php, and /root/Elgg/engine/lib/views.php.

Definition at line 30 of file crop.php.