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edit.php File Reference

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 $guid = get_input('guid')
 $owner = get_entity($guid)
instanceof ElggUser)||!$owner->
$input = array()
 $accesslevel = get_input('accesslevel')
if(!is_array($accesslevel)) $profile_fields = elgg_get_config('profile_fields')
foreach($profile_fields as
$shortname=> $valuetype) 
$name = strip_tags(get_input('name'))

Variable Documentation

$accesslevel = get_input('accesslevel')

Definition at line 20 of file edit.php.

$guid = get_input('guid')

Definition at line 9 of file edit.php.

if (!$owner||!($owner instanceof ElggUser)||!$owner->canEdit()) $input = array()

Definition at line 19 of file edit.php.

foreach ($profile_fields as $shortname=> $valuetype) $name = strip_tags(get_input('name'))

Definition at line 79 of file edit.php.

$owner = get_entity($guid)

Definition at line 10 of file edit.php.

if (!is_array($accesslevel)) $profile_fields = elgg_get_config('profile_fields')

Definition at line 26 of file edit.php.