Elgg  Version 3.0
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4 define(function(require) {
5  var $ = require('jquery');
6  var Ajax = require('elgg/Ajax');
8  var ajax = new Ajax();
10  $(document).on('click', '.elgg-admin-notice-dismiss', function (e) {
11  e.preventDefault();
12  var $li = $(this).closest('.elgg-item-object-admin_notice');
14  // slideUp allows dismissals without notices shifting around unpredictably
15  $li.slideUp(100);
17  function restore() {
18  $li.show();
19  }
21  ajax.action(this.href).done(function (output, statusText, jqXHR) {
22  if (jqXHR.AjaxData.status == -1) {
23  restore();
24  return;
25  }
27  // When none left, remove container so it doesn't take up space. A few CSS solutions were
28  // tried, but left jerky transitions at the end of the animations.
29  if (!$('.elgg-item-object-admin_notice:visible').length) {
30  $('.elgg-admin-notices').remove();
31  }
32  }).fail(restore);
33  });
34 });
if(!$enabled) if(PHP_SAPI!== 'cli')
Interates through each element of an array and calls callback a function.
define(function(require){var $=require('jquery');var Ajax=require('elgg/Ajax');var ajax=new Ajax();$(document).on('click', '.elgg-admin-notice-dismiss', function(e){e.preventDefault();var $li=$(this).closest('.elgg-item-object-admin_notice');$li.slideUp(100);function restore(){$li.show();}ajax.action(this.href).done(function(output, statusText, jqXHR){if(jqXHR.AjaxData.status==-1){restore();return;}if(!$('.elgg-item-object-admin_notice:visible').length){$('.elgg-admin-notices').remove();}}).fail(restore);});})
Handle deleting admin notices.
elgg ajax
Wrapper function for jQuery.ajax which ensures that the url being called is relative to the elgg site...
Definition: ajax.js:19
elgg require
Throw an error if the required package isn't present.
Definition: elgglib.js:164
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