Elgg  Version 2.2
deprecated-2.1.php File Reference

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 row_to_elggrelationship ($row)
 Convert a database row to a new . More...
 system_messages ($message=null, $register="success", $count=false)
 Queues a message to be displayed. More...

Function Documentation

row_to_elggrelationship (   $row)

Convert a database row to a new .

\stdClass$rowDatabase row from the relationship table
|false private

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system_messages (   $message = null,
  $register = "success",
  $count = false 

Queues a message to be displayed.

Messages will not be displayed immediately, but are stored in for later display, usually upon next page load.

The method of displaying these messages differs depending upon plugins and viewtypes. The core default viewtype retrieves messages in views/default/page/shells/default.php and displays messages as javascript popups.

Internal: Messages are stored as strings in the Elgg session as ['msg'][$register] array.
This function is used to both add to and clear the message stack. If $messages is null, $register will be returned and cleared. If $messages is null and $register is empty, all messages will be returned and removed.
mixed$messageOptionally, a single message or array of messages to add, (default: null)
string$registerTypes of message: "error", "success" (default: success)
bool$countCount the number of messages (default: false)
bool|array Either the array of messages, or a response regarding whether the message addition was successful.

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