Elgg  Version 4.3
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1 <?php
20 function elgg_trigger_deprecated_event($event, $object_type, $object = null, $message = null, $version = null) {
21  return _elgg_services()->events->triggerDeprecated($event, $object_type, $object, $message, $version);
22 }
39 function elgg_trigger_deprecated_plugin_hook($hook, $type, $params = null, $returnvalue = null, $message = null, $version = null) {
40  return _elgg_services()->hooks->triggerDeprecated($hook, $type, $params, $returnvalue, $message, $version);
41 }
52 function elgg_deprecated_notice(string $msg, string $dep_version): bool {
53  _elgg_services()->logger->warning("Deprecated in {$dep_version}: {$msg}");
55  return true;
56 }
70 function elgg_view_deprecated($view, array $vars, $suggestion, $version) {
71  return _elgg_services()->views->renderDeprecatedView($view, $vars, $suggestion, $version);
72 }
elgg_view_deprecated($view, array $vars, $suggestion, $version)
Display a view with a deprecation notice.
Definition: deprecation.php:70
Saves global plugin settings.
Definition: save.php:13
elgg_deprecated_notice(string $msg, string $dep_version)
Log a notice about deprecated use of a function, view, etc.
Definition: deprecation.php:52
Definition: delete.php:21
if(!empty($avatar)&&!$avatar->isValid()) elseif(empty($avatar)) if(!$owner->saveIconFromUploadedFile('avatar')) if(!elgg_trigger_event('profileiconupdate', $owner->type, $owner)) $view
Definition: upload.php:39
elgg_trigger_deprecated_plugin_hook($hook, $type, $params=null, $returnvalue=null, $message=null, $version=null)
Trigger an plugin hook normally, but send a notice about deprecated use if any handlers are registere...
Definition: deprecation.php:39
if($email instanceof\Elgg\Email) $object
Definition: body.php:24
Get the global service provider.
Definition: elgglib.php:638
Definition: html.php:24
elgg_trigger_deprecated_event($event, $object_type, $object=null, $message=null, $version=null)
Deprecation Bundles helper functions for deprecation.
Definition: deprecation.php:20