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form.php File Reference

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if(isset($vars['name'])) else
 Create a form for data submission. More...
 $body = $vars['body']
 $action = $vars['action']
 $method = strtolower($method)

Variable Documentation

$action = $vars['action']

Definition at line 18 of file form.php.

$body = $vars['body']

Definition at line 17 of file form.php.

$method = strtolower($method)

Definition at line 25 of file form.php.

if (isset($vars['method'])) else
Initial value:
$name = ''
if($guid==elgg_get_logged_in_user_guid()) $name
Definition: delete.php:21

Create a form for data submission.

$vars['body'] The body of the form (made up of other input/xxx views and html $vars['action'] URL of the action being called $vars['method'] Method (default POST) $vars['name'] Form name

Definition at line 13 of file form.php.