Elgg  Version 5.0
settings.php File Reference

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 $widget = elgg_extract('widget', $vars)
 Elgg widget edit settings. More...
if(!$widget instanceof ElggWidget$form
 if (empty($form))

Variable Documentation

if (!$widget instanceof ElggWidget) $form
Initial value:
= elgg_view_form('widgets/save', [
'class' => [
preg_replace('/[^a-z0-9-]/i', '-', "elgg-form-widgets-save-{$widget->handler}"),
'prevent_double_submit' => false,
], $vars)
Definition: settings.php:5
elgg_view_form(string $action, array $form_vars=[], array $body_vars=[])
Definition: views.php:1054

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$widget = elgg_extract('widget', $vars)

Elgg widget edit settings.


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