Elgg  Version 1.9
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Elgg_EntityDirLocator Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($guid)
 Find an entity's data dir. More...
 getPath ()
 Construct a file path matrix for an entity. More...
 __toString ()
 String casting magic method. More...

Public Attributes

const BUCKET_SIZE = 5000
 Number of entries per matrix dir. More...

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Elgg_EntityDirLocator::__construct (   $guid)

Find an entity's data dir.

int$guidGUID of the entity.

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Member Function Documentation

Elgg_EntityDirLocator::__toString ( )

String casting magic method.


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Elgg_EntityDirLocator::getPath ( )

Construct a file path matrix for an entity.

As of 1.9.0 matrixes are based on GUIDs and separated into dirs of 5000 entries with the dir name being the lower bound for the GUID.

string The path with trailing '/' where the entity's data will be stored relative to the data dir.

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Member Data Documentation

const Elgg_EntityDirLocator::BUCKET_SIZE = 5000

Number of entries per matrix dir.


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