Elgg  Version 1.9
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1 <?php
6 $title = elgg_echo('register');
7 $body = elgg_view_form('register', array(), array(
8  'friend_guid' => (int) get_input('friend_guid', 0),
9  'invitecode' => get_input('invitecode'),
10 ));
12 echo <<<__HTML
13 <div class="elgg-inner">
14  <h2>$title</h2>
15  $body
16 </div>
17 __HTML;
Definition: register.php:7
get_input($variable, $default=null, $filter_result=true)
Get some input from variables passed submitted through GET or POST.
Definition: input.php:27
Definition: admin.php:85
fieldset div
Definition: admin.php:462
elgg_echo($message_key, $args=array(), $language="")
Given a message key, returns an appropriately translated full-text string.
Definition: languages.php:21
elgg echo
Translates a string.
Definition: languages.js:43
if(elgg_is_logged_in()) $title
Definition: register.php:29
elgg_view_form($action, $form_vars=array(), $body_vars=array())
Definition: views.php:1280