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if(elgg_in_context('dashboard')) $num_display = sanitize_int($vars['entity']->num_display, false)
 Edit settings for river widget. More...
if(!$num_display) $params
 $num_dropdown = elgg_view('input/select', $params)
if(elgg_in_context('dashboard')) else

Variable Documentation

if (elgg_in_context('dashboard')) $num_display = sanitize_int($vars['entity']->num_display, false)

Edit settings for river widget.

Definition at line 28 of file edit.php.

$num_dropdown = elgg_view('input/select', $params)

Definition at line 39 of file edit.php.

if (!$num_display) $params
Initial value:
= array(
'name' => 'params[num_display]',
'value' => $num_display,
'options' => array(5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20),
Banned users widget edit view.
Definition: edit.php:6

Definition at line 34 of file edit.php.

if (elgg_in_context('dashboard')) else
Initial value:
$context = 'profile'
Definition: add.php:11

Definition at line 51 of file edit.php.