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item.php File Reference

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 Updates the advanced settings for the primary site object.


 $item = elgg_extract('item', $vars)
if(!$item instanceof ElggMenuItem$item_vars = []
 $child_menu_view = ''
 $children = $item->getChildren()
if(!empty($children)) $item_vars ['data-menu-item'] = $item->getName()
 $item_vars ['class'] = elgg_extract_class($vars, $item->getItemClass(), 'item_class')
if($item->getSelected()) $item_view = elgg_view_menu_item($item) . $child_menu_view

Variable Documentation

$child_menu_view = ''

Definition at line 18 of file item.php.

$children = $item->getChildren()

Definition at line 20 of file item.php.

$item = elgg_extract('item', $vars)

Definition at line 12 of file item.php.

if (!$item instanceof ElggMenuItem) $item_vars = []

Definition at line 17 of file item.php.

if (!empty($children)) $item_vars['data-menu-item'] = $item->getName()

Definition at line 52 of file item.php.

$item_vars['class'] = elgg_extract_class($vars, $item->getItemClass(), 'item_class')

Definition at line 54 of file item.php.

if ($item->getSelected()) $item_view = elgg_view_menu_item($item) . $child_menu_view

Definition at line 59 of file item.php.