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 $id = (int) get_input('id')
 Generic annotation delete action. More...
if($id< 1) $annotation = elgg_get_annotation_from_id($id)
if(!$annotation instanceof ElggAnnotation) if(!$annotation->canEdit()) $ok_content
if(!$annotation instanceof ElggAnnotation) if(!$annotation->canEdit()) if(!$annotation->delete()) $lan_key = "annotation:delete:{$annotation->name}:success"

Variable Documentation

if ($id< 1) $annotation = elgg_get_annotation_from_id($id)

Definition at line 11 of file delete.php.

$id = (int) get_input('id')

Generic annotation delete action.

Definition at line 6 of file delete.php.

if (!$annotation instanceof ElggAnnotation) if (!$annotation->canEdit()) if (!$annotation->delete()) $lan_key = "annotation:delete:{$annotation->name}:success"

Definition at line 33 of file delete.php.

if (!$annotation instanceof ElggAnnotation) if (!$annotation->canEdit()) $ok_content
Initial value:
= [
'annotation' => $annotation->toObject()
if($id< 1) $annotation
Definition: delete.php:11

Definition at line 20 of file delete.php.