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Elgg\Application\ExceptionHandler Class Reference

Handler for uncaught exceptions. More...

Public Member Functions

 __invoke (\Throwable $exception)
 Intercepts, logs, and displays uncaught exceptions. More...

Detailed Description

Handler for uncaught exceptions.

Definition at line 19 of file ExceptionHandler.php.

Member Function Documentation

Elgg\Application\ExceptionHandler::__invoke ( \Throwable  $exception)

Intercepts, logs, and displays uncaught exceptions.

To use a viewtype other than failsafe, create the views: <viewtype>/messages/exceptions/admin_exception <viewtype>/messages/exceptions/exception See the json viewtype for an example.

This function should never be called directly.
See also
\Throwable$exceptionThe exception/error being handled

Definition at line 39 of file ExceptionHandler.php.

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