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email.php File Reference

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 $user = elgg_extract('entity', $vars, elgg_get_page_owner_entity())
 Provide a way of setting your email. More...
if(!$user instanceof ElggUser$title = elgg_echo('email:settings')
 $content = ''
if(elgg_get_config('security_email_require_password')&&($user->getGUID()===elgg_get_logged_in_user_guid())) $email_help = ''
 if ($user->isAdmin())

Variable Documentation

if (elgg_get_config('security_email_require_confirmation')&&isset($user->new_email)) $content = ''

Definition at line 15 of file email.php.

if (elgg_get_config('security_email_require_password')&&($user->getGUID()===elgg_get_logged_in_user_guid())) $email_help = ''

Definition at line 27 of file email.php.

if (!$user instanceof ElggUser) $title = elgg_echo('email:settings')

Definition at line 13 of file email.php.

$user = elgg_extract('entity', $vars, elgg_get_page_owner_entity())

Provide a way of setting your email.

$vars['entity'] the user to set settings for

Definition at line 8 of file email.php.


Definition at line 40 of file email.php.