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image_block.php File Reference

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 $body = elgg_extract('body', $vars, '')
 Elgg image block pattern. More...
 $image = elgg_extract('image', $vars, '')
 $alt_image = elgg_extract('image_alt', $vars, '')
 $vars ['class'] = elgg_extract_class($vars, ['elgg-image-block'])
 $content = ''
if($alt_image) $tag_name = elgg_extract('tag_name', $vars, 'div')

Variable Documentation

$alt_image = elgg_extract('image_alt', $vars, '')

Definition at line 29 of file image_block.php.

$body = elgg_extract('body', $vars, '')

Elgg image block pattern.

Common pattern where there is an image, icon, media object to the left and a descriptive block of text to the right.

| | | alt | | image | body | image | | block | block | block |

| | | (optional)|

$vars['body'] HTML content of the body block $vars['image'] HTML content of the image block $vars['image_alt'] HTML content of the alternate image block $vars['class'] Optional additional class (or an array of classes) for the element $vars['id'] Optional id for the element $vars['tag_name'] Optional tag name for the element (default 'div')

Definition at line 23 of file image_block.php.

if ($image) $content = ''

Definition at line 34 of file image_block.php.

$image = elgg_extract('image', $vars, '')

Definition at line 26 of file image_block.php.

if ($alt_image) $tag_name = elgg_extract('tag_name', $vars, 'div')

Definition at line 45 of file image_block.php.

$vars['class'] = elgg_extract_class($vars, ['elgg-image-block'])

Definition at line 32 of file image_block.php.