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tabs.php File Reference

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 $tabs = elgg_extract('tabs', $vars)
 Tab navigation. More...
foreach($tabs as $index=> &$tab) $options = $vars
 $type = elgg_extract('type', $vars, 'horizontal')
if($type== 'horizontal') else
 $options ['class'] = elgg_extract_class($options, $class)
 $options ['items'] = $tabs

Variable Documentation

Initial value:
= [

Definition at line 31 of file tabs.php.

foreach ($tabs as $index=> &$tab) $options = $vars

Definition at line 26 of file tabs.php.

$options['class'] = elgg_extract_class($options, $class)

Definition at line 40 of file tabs.php.

$options['items'] = $tabs

Definition at line 41 of file tabs.php.

$tabs = elgg_extract('tabs', $vars)

Tab navigation.

string $vars['type'] horizontal || vertical - Defaults to horizontal string $vars['class'] Additional class to add to ul array $vars['tabs'] A multi-dimensional array of tab entries in the format for ElggMenuItem

Definition at line 10 of file tabs.php.

$type = elgg_extract('type', $vars, 'horizontal')

Definition at line 28 of file tabs.php.

if ($type== 'horizontal') else
Initial value:
$class[] = 'elgg-vtabs'

Definition at line 36 of file tabs.php.