Elgg  Version 5.1
filter.php File Reference

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 $filter = elgg_extract('filter', $vars)
 Layout content filter. More...
if($filter===false||$filter=== '') if(!isset($filter)||is_array($filter)) if (!$filter)

Variable Documentation

$filter = elgg_extract('filter', $vars)

Layout content filter.

$vars['filter'] - false or '' for no filter

  • a string for self defined filter content
  • null will render a filter menu
  • an optional array of filter tabs Array items should be suitable for usage with elgg_register_menu_item() $vars['filter_id'] An optional ID of the filter If provided, plugins can adjust filter tabs menu via 'register, menu:filter:$filter_id' hook $vars['filter_value'] Optional name of the selected filter tab If not provided, will be determined by current page's URL

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if ($filter===false||$filter=== '') if (!isset($filter)||is_array($filter)) if(!$filter)

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