Elgg  Version 5.1
responses.php File Reference

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 $responses = elgg_extract('responses', $vars)
if(isset($responses)) $item = elgg_extract('item', $vars)
if(!$item instanceof ElggRiverItem$object = $item->getObjectEntity()
if(!empty($item->annotation_id)||!$object instanceof ElggEntity||$object instanceof ElggComment) if(!$object->hasCapability('commentable')) $comment_count = $object->countComments()
if($comment_count) if(!$object->canComment()) $form_vars = ['id' => "comments-add-{$object->guid}-{$item->id}"
if($comment_count) if(!$object->canComment()) $body_vars = ['entity' => $object

Variable Documentation

if ($comment_count) if (!$object->canComment()) $body_vars = ['entity' => $object

Definition at line 71 of file responses.php.

if (!empty($item->annotation_id)||!$object instanceof ElggEntity||$object instanceof ElggComment) if (!$object->hasCapability('commentable')) $comment_count = $object->countComments()

Definition at line 34 of file responses.php.

if ($comment_count) if (!$object->canComment()) $form_vars = ['id' => "comments-add-{$object->guid}-{$item->id}"

Definition at line 70 of file responses.php.

if (isset($responses)) $item = elgg_extract('item', $vars)

Definition at line 18 of file responses.php.

if (!$item instanceof ElggRiverItem) $object = $item->getObjectEntity()

Definition at line 23 of file responses.php.

$responses = elgg_extract('responses', $vars)

Definition at line 12 of file responses.php.