Elgg  Version 1.11
add.php File Reference

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 $label = get_input('label')
 Elgg profile plugin edit default profile action. More...
 $type = get_input('type')
 $fieldlist = elgg_get_config('profile_custom_fields')
if(!$fieldlist &&$fieldlist!== '0') else
foreach($fieldlistarray as $key=> $value) $id = max($fieldlistarray) + 1

Variable Documentation

$fieldlist = elgg_get_config('profile_custom_fields')

Definition at line 10 of file add.php.

foreach ($fieldlistarray as $key=> $value) $id = max($fieldlistarray) + 1

Definition at line 19 of file add.php.

Elgg profile plugin edit default profile action.

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if (($label)&&($type)) else
Initial value:
$fieldlistarray = explode(',', $fieldlist)
Definition: add.php:10

Definition at line 14 of file add.php.