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ODDMetaData Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($uuid, $entity_uuid, $name, $value, $type="", $owner_uuid="")
 New ODD metadata. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ODD
 __construct ()
 Construct an ODD document with initial values. More...
 getAttributes ()
 Returns an array of attributes. More...
 setAttribute ($key, $value)
 Sets an attribute. More...
 getAttribute ($key)
 Returns an attribute. More...
 setBody ($value)
 Sets the body of the ODD. More...
 getBody ()
 Gets the body of the ODD. More...
 setPublished ($time)
 Set the published time. More...
 getPublishedAsTime ()
 Return the published time as a unix timestamp. More...
 __toString ()
 Magic function to generate valid ODD XML for this item. More...

Protected Member Functions

 getTagName ()
 Returns 'metadata'. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ODD
 getTagName ()
 For serialisation, implement to return a string name of the tag eg "header" or "metadata". More...

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ODDMetaData::__construct (   $uuid,
  $type = "",
  $owner_uuid = "" 

New ODD metadata.

string$uuidUnique ID
string$entity_uuidAnother unique ID
string$owner_uuidOwner ID

Definition at line 21 of file ODDMetaData.php.

Member Function Documentation

ODDMetaData::getTagName ( )

Returns 'metadata'.

string 'metadata'

Definition at line 37 of file ODDMetaData.php.

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