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comments.js File Reference

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elgg provide ('elgg.comments')
elgg register_hook_handler ('init', 'system', elgg.comments.init)


elgg comments Comment
elgg comments Comment prototype
elgg comments init
 Initialize comment inline editing. More...

Function Documentation

elgg provide ( 'elgg.comments )
elgg register_hook_handler ( 'init ,
'system ,
elgg.comments.  init 

Variable Documentation

elgg comments Comment
Initial value:
= function (guid) {
this.guid = guid;
this.$item = $('#elgg-object-' + guid);
Definition: item.php:12

Definition at line 8 of file comments.js.

elgg comments init
Initial value:
= function() {
$(document).on('click', '.elgg-item-object-comment .elgg-menu-item-edit > a', function () {
var dc = $(this).data('Comment'),
if (!dc) {
guid = this.href.split('/').pop();
dc = new elgg.comments.Comment(guid);
$(this).data('Comment', dc);
return false;
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Definition: install.js:23
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Initialize comment inline editing.


Definition at line 117 of file comments.js.

elgg comments Comment prototype

Definition at line 13 of file comments.js.