Elgg  Version 1.11
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1 <?php
6 $content = elgg_view_menu('page', array('sort_by' => 'priority', 'show_section_headers' => true));
8 echo elgg_view_module('main', '', $content, array('class' => 'elgg-admin-sidebar-menu', 'id' => 'elgg-admin-nav-collapse'));
elgg_view_module($type, $title, $body, array $vars=array())
Wrapper function for the module display pattern.
Definition: views.php:1217
elgg_view_menu($menu_name, array $vars=array())
Render a menu.
Definition: views.php:692
Admin sidebar – just outputs the page menus.
Definition: sidebar.php:6
elgg echo
Translates a string.
Definition: languages.js:43