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Notable Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

 setCalendarTimeAndDuration ($hour=null, $minute=null, $second=null, $day=null, $month=null, $year=null, $duration=null)
 Calendar functionality. More...
 getCalendarStartTime ()
 Return the start timestamp. More...
 getCalendarEndTime ()
 Return the end timestamp. More...

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

Notable::getCalendarEndTime ( )

Return the end timestamp.


Implemented in ElggEntity.

Notable::getCalendarStartTime ( )

Return the start timestamp.


Implemented in ElggEntity.

Notable::setCalendarTimeAndDuration (   $hour = null,
  $minute = null,
  $second = null,
  $day = null,
  $month = null,
  $year = null,
  $duration = null 

Calendar functionality.

This function sets the time of an object on a calendar listing.

int$hourIf ommitted, now is assumed.
int$minuteIf ommitted, now is assumed.
int$secondIf ommitted, now is assumed.
int$dayIf ommitted, now is assumed.
int$monthIf ommitted, now is assumed.
int$yearIf ommitted, now is assumed.
int$durationDuration of event, remainder of the day is assumed.

Implemented in ElggEntity.

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