Elgg  Version 1.11
tag.php File Reference

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if(empty($vars['value'])&&$vars['value']!==0 &&$vars['value']!== '0') $query_params = array()
 Elgg single tag output. More...
 $query_params ["q"] = $vars['value']
 $query_params ["search_type"] = "tags"
if(!empty($vars['type'])) if(!empty($vars['subtype'])) $url = !empty($vars['base_url']) ? $vars['base_url'] : 'search'

Variable Documentation

Initial value:
= array(
'href' => $url,
'text' => $vars['value'],
'encode_text' => true,
'rel' => 'tag',
Elgg tag input.
Definition: tag.php:11
if(!empty($vars['type'])) if(!empty($vars['subtype'])) $url
Definition: tag.php:31

Definition at line 36 of file tag.php.

if (empty($vars['value'])&&$vars['value']!==0 &&$vars['value']!== '0') $query_params = array()

Elgg single tag output.

Accepts all output/url options

$vars['value'] String $vars['type'] The entity type, optional $vars['subtype'] The entity subtype, optional $vars['base_url'] Base URL for tag link, optional, defaults to search URL

Definition at line 16 of file tag.php.

$query_params["q"] = $vars['value']

Definition at line 18 of file tag.php.

$query_params["search_type"] = "tags"

Definition at line 19 of file tag.php.

$url = !empty($vars['base_url']) ? $vars['base_url'] : 'search'

Definition at line 31 of file tag.php.