Elgg  Version 1.11
content.php File Reference

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 $context = elgg_extract('context', $vars, elgg_get_context())
 Main content area layout. More...
 $vars ['title'] = elgg_extract('title', $vars, '')
if(!$vars['title']&&$vars['title']!==false) if(isset($vars['filter_override'])) if(!isset($vars['filter'])&&elgg_is_logged_in()&&$context) $filter = elgg_view('page/layouts/elements/filter', $vars)
 $vars ['content'] = $filter . $vars['content']

Variable Documentation

$context = elgg_extract('context', $vars, elgg_get_context())

Main content area layout.

$vars['content'] HTML of main content area $vars['sidebar'] HTML of the sidebar $vars['header'] HTML of the content area header (override) $vars['nav'] HTML of the content area nav (override) $vars['footer'] HTML of the content area footer $vars['filter'] HTML of the content area filter (override) $vars['title'] Title text (override) $vars['context'] Page context (override) $vars['filter_context'] Filter context: everyone, friends, mine $vars['class'] Additional class to apply to layout

Definition at line 17 of file content.php.

if (!$vars['title']&&$vars['title']!==false) if (isset($vars['filter_override'])) if (!isset($vars['filter'])&&elgg_is_logged_in()&&$context) $filter = elgg_view('page/layouts/elements/filter', $vars)

Definition at line 62 of file content.php.

$vars['title'] = elgg_extract('title', $vars, '')

Definition at line 19 of file content.php.

$vars['content'] = $filter . $vars['content']

Definition at line 63 of file content.php.