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Elgg_ActionsService Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 execute ($action, $forwarder="")
 register ($action, $filename="", $access= 'logged_in')
 unregister ($action)
 validateActionToken ($visible_errors=true, $token=null, $ts=null)
 getActionTokenTimeout ()
 gatekeeper ($action)
 generateActionToken ($timestamp)
 exists ($action)
 ajaxForwardHook ($hook, $reason, $return, $params)
 ajaxActionHook ()
 getAllActions ()
 Get all actions. More...

Protected Member Functions

 validateTokenTimestamp ($ts)
 Is the token timestamp within acceptable range? More...

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

Elgg_ActionsService::ajaxActionHook ( )
See also
ajax_action_hook private

Definition at line 333 of file ActionsService.php.

Elgg_ActionsService::ajaxForwardHook (   $hook,
See also
ajax_forward_hook private

Definition at line 275 of file ActionsService.php.

Elgg_ActionsService::execute (   $action,
  $forwarder = "" 
See also
action private

Definition at line 32 of file ActionsService.php.

Elgg_ActionsService::exists (   $action)
See also
elgg_action_exists private

Definition at line 267 of file ActionsService.php.

Elgg_ActionsService::gatekeeper (   $action)
See also
action_gatekeeper private

Definition at line 221 of file ActionsService.php.

Elgg_ActionsService::generateActionToken (   $timestamp)
See also
generate_action_token private

Definition at line 250 of file ActionsService.php.

Elgg_ActionsService::getActionTokenTimeout ( )
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Elgg_ActionsService::validateActionToken private
int number of seconds that action token is valid

Definition at line 208 of file ActionsService.php.

Elgg_ActionsService::getAllActions ( )

Get all actions.


Definition at line 344 of file ActionsService.php.

Elgg_ActionsService::register (   $action,
  $filename = "",
  $access = 'logged_in' 
See also
elgg_register_action private

Definition at line 83 of file ActionsService.php.

Elgg_ActionsService::unregister (   $action)
See also
elgg_unregister_action private

Definition at line 109 of file ActionsService.php.

Elgg_ActionsService::validateActionToken (   $visible_errors = true,
  $token = null,
  $ts = null 
See also
validate_action_token private

Definition at line 122 of file ActionsService.php.

Elgg_ActionsService::validateTokenTimestamp (   $ts)

Is the token timestamp within acceptable range?

int$tstimestamp from the CSRF token

Definition at line 196 of file ActionsService.php.

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