Elgg  Version 2.3
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1 <?php
14 if (elgg_get_context() == 'admin' && elgg_is_admin_logged_in()) {
15  echo elgg_view('page/admin', $vars);
16 } else {
17  echo elgg_view('page/default', $vars);
18 }
if(isset($vars['class'])) $vars['class']
Definition: error.php:14
Returns whether or not the viewer is currently logged in and an admin user.
Definition: sessions.php:60
elgg echo
Translates a string.
Definition: languages.js:48
Get the current context.
Definition: pageowner.php:204
elgg_view($view, $vars=array(), $ignore1=false, $ignore2=false, $viewtype= '')
Return a parsed view.
Definition: views.php:336