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Elgg\Cli\ErrorHandler Class Reference

Console handler. More...

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Public Member Functions

 __construct (OutputInterface $stdout, OutputInterface $stderr=null, $bubble=true)
 Constructor. More...
 write (array $record)
 {} More...
 getDefaultFormatter ()
 {} More...
 close ()
 {} More...

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Detailed Description

Console handler.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Elgg\Cli\ErrorHandler::__construct ( OutputInterface  $stdout,
OutputInterface  $stderr = null,
  $bubble = true 


OutputInterface$stdoutSTDOUT handler
OutputInterface$stderrSTDERR handler
bool$bubbleBubble severity

Definition at line 44 of file ErrorHandler.php.

Member Function Documentation

Elgg\Cli\ErrorHandler::close ( )


Definition at line 91 of file ErrorHandler.php.

Elgg\Cli\ErrorHandler::getDefaultFormatter ( )


Definition at line 84 of file ErrorHandler.php.

Elgg\Cli\ErrorHandler::write ( array  $record)


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Member Data Documentation


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const Elgg\Cli\ErrorHandler::VERBOSITY_LEVEL_MAP
Initial value:
= [
OutputInterface::VERBOSITY_QUIET => Logger::OFF

Definition at line 19 of file ErrorHandler.php.

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