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EntitiesAddTypeSubtypeIndex Class Reference
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 change ()
 Change Method. More...

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Definition at line 5 of file 20190125082345_entities_add_type_subtype_index.php.

Member Function Documentation

EntitiesAddTypeSubtypeIndex::change ( )

Change Method.

Write your reversible migrations using this method.

More information on writing migrations is available here: http://docs.phinx.org/en/latest/migrations.html#the-abstractmigration-class

The following commands can be used in this method and Phinx will automatically reverse them when rolling back:

createTable renameTable addColumn renameColumn addIndex addForeignKey

Remember to call "create()" or "update()" and NOT "save()" when working with the Table class.

Definition at line 27 of file 20190125082345_entities_add_type_subtype_index.php.

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