Elgg  Version 3.0
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1 <?php
13  echo elgg_view('messages/exceptions/admin_exception', $vars);
14  return;
15 }
17 ?>
18 <div class="elgg-messages-exception">
19  <span title="Unrecoverable Error">
20  <?php echo elgg_echo('exception:contact_admin'); ?>
21  <br /><br />
22  Exception at time <?php echo date(DATE_W3C, elgg_extract('ts', $vars)); ?>.
23  </span>
24 </div>
Returns whether or not the viewer is currently logged in and an admin user.
Definition: sessions.php:57
elgg_echo($message_key, array $args=[], $language="")
Given a message key, returns an appropriately translated full-text string.
Definition: languages.php:21
elgg echo
Translates a string.
Definition: languages.js:43
Definition: save.php:11
elgg_view($view, $vars=[], $viewtype= '')
Return a parsed view.
Definition: views.php:246