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Elgg\Collections\CollectionItemInterface Interface Reference

Collection item interface. More...

Inheritance diagram for Elgg\Collections\CollectionItemInterface:
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Public Member Functions

 getId ()
 Get unique item identifier within a collection. More...
 getPriority ()
 Get priority (weight) of the item within a collection. More...

Detailed Description

Collection item interface.

Definition at line 8 of file CollectionItemInterface.php.

Member Function Documentation

Elgg\Collections\CollectionItemInterface::getId ( )

Get unique item identifier within a collection.


Implemented in ElggMenuItem, ElggData, Elgg\Groups\Tool, and Elgg\Menu\MenuSection.

Elgg\Collections\CollectionItemInterface::getPriority ( )

Get priority (weight) of the item within a collection.


Implemented in ElggMenuItem, ElggData, ElggPlugin, Elgg\Groups\Tool, and Elgg\Menu\MenuSection.

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