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1 <?php
3 namespace Elgg\Notifications;
10 #[\AllowDynamicProperties]
11 class Notification {
16  protected $from;
21  protected $to;
26  public $summary;
31  public $subject;
36  public $body;
41  public $language;
46  public $params;
51  public $url;
64  public function __construct(\ElggEntity $from, \ElggEntity $to, $language, $subject, $body, $summary = '', array $params = []) {
65  $this->from = $from;
66  $this->to = $to;
67  $this->language = $language;
68  $this->subject = $subject;
69  $this->body = $body;
70  $this->summary = $summary;
71  $this->params = $params;
73  if (isset($this->params['url'])) {
74  $this->url = $this->params['url'];
75  }
76  }
83  public function getSender(): \ElggEntity {
84  return $this->from;
85  }
92  public function getSenderGUID(): int {
93  return $this->from->guid;
94  }
101  public function getRecipient(): \ElggEntity {
102  return $this->to;
103  }
110  public function getRecipientGUID(): int {
111  return $this->to->guid;
112  }
119  public function toObject(): \stdClass {
120  $obj = new \stdClass();
121  $vars = get_object_vars($this);
123  $vars = array_merge($this->params, $vars);
124  unset($vars['params']);
125  unset($vars['sender']);
126  unset($vars['recipient']);
127  unset($vars['subscriptions']);
128  unset($vars['action']);
129  unset($vars['object']);
130  unset($vars['handler']);
132  foreach ($vars as $key => $value) {
133  if (is_object($value) && is_callable([$value, 'toObject'])) {
134  $obj->$key = $value->toObject();
135  } else {
136  $obj->$key = $value;
137  }
138  }
140  return $obj;
141  }
149  public function __serialize(): array {
150  $vars = get_object_vars($this);
152  // unset the NotificationEventHandler as it can't be serialized and isn't needed during processing of the notification
153  unset($vars['params']['handler']);
155  return $vars;
156  }
157 }
Get the recipient entity.
Export notification.
Notification container.
Definition: generic.php:51
__construct(\ElggEntity $from,\ElggEntity $to, $language, $subject, $body, $summary= '', array $params=[])
Create a notification.
Get the recipient entity guid.
Get the sender entity.
if($container instanceof ElggGroup &&$container->guid!=elgg_get_page_owner_guid()) $key
Definition: summary.php:44
Called when the object is serialized.
Definition: theme.php:5
Get the sender entity guid.
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