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plugin_settings.php File Reference

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 $plugin = elgg_extract('entity', $vars)
 Elgg plugin settings. More...
 $plugin_id = $plugin->getID()
if(!elgg_view_exists("plugins/{$plugin_id}/settings")) $form_vars
if(!elgg_view_exists("plugins/{$plugin_id}/settings")) if (elgg_action_exists("{$plugin_id}/settings/save"))

Variable Documentation

if (!elgg_view_exists("plugins/{$plugin_id}/settings")) $form_vars
Initial value:
= [
'id' => "{$plugin_id}-settings"
/root/Elgg/engine/classes/Elgg/FormsService.php, and /root/Elgg/engine/lib/views.php.

Definition at line 16 of file plugin_settings.php.

$plugin = elgg_extract('entity', $vars)

Elgg plugin settings.

ElggPlugin $vars['entity'] The plugin object to display settings for. ElggPlugin $vars['plugin'] Same as entity required for plugin settings backward compatibility

Definition at line 9 of file plugin_settings.php.

$plugin_id = $plugin->getID()

Definition at line 10 of file plugin_settings.php.

if (!elgg_view_exists("plugins/{$plugin_id}/settings")) if(elgg_action_exists("{$plugin_id}/settings/save"))
Initial value:
=> 'elgg-form-settings',

Definition at line 21 of file plugin_settings.php.