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 $item = elgg_extract('item', $vars)
 Body of river item. More...
if(!$item instanceof\ElggRiverItem) $metadata = elgg_extract('metadata', $vars)
if(!isset($metadata)) if(!empty($metadata)) $timestamp = elgg_view_friendly_time($item->getTimePosted())
if(!empty($timestamp)) $summary = elgg_extract('summary', $vars)
if(!empty($summary)) $message = elgg_extract('message', $vars)
if(!empty($message)) $attachments = elgg_extract('attachments', $vars)
if(!empty($attachments)) $responses = elgg_view('river/elements/responses', $vars)

Variable Documentation

if (!empty($message)) $attachments = elgg_extract('attachments', $vars)

Definition at line 71 of file body.php.

$item = elgg_extract('item', $vars)

Body of river item.

$vars['item'] ElggRiverItem $vars['summary'] Alternate summary (the short text summary of action) $vars['message'] Optional message (usually excerpt of text) $vars['attachments'] Optional attachments (displaying icons or other non-text data) $vars['responses'] Alternate respones (comments, replies, etc.)

Definition at line 12 of file body.php.

if (!empty($summary)) $message = elgg_extract('message', $vars)

Definition at line 65 of file body.php.

if (!$item instanceof\ElggRiverItem) $metadata = elgg_extract('metadata', $vars)

Definition at line 18 of file body.php.

if (!empty($attachments)) $responses = elgg_view('river/elements/responses', $vars)

Definition at line 77 of file body.php.

if (!isset($summary)) if ($summary===false) $summary = elgg_extract('summary', $vars)

Definition at line 47 of file body.php.

if (!isset($metadata)) if (!empty($metadata)) $timestamp = elgg_view_friendly_time($item->getTimePosted())

Definition at line 42 of file body.php.