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 $entity = elgg_extract('entity', $vars)
 Generic entity icon upload helper. More...
if($entity instanceof ElggEntity$content = elgg_view('entity/edit/icon/file', $vars)

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$content = elgg_view('entity/edit/icon/file', $vars)

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$entity = elgg_extract('entity', $vars)

Generic entity icon upload helper.

$vars['entity'] (optional) entity to edit $vars['entity_type'] (recommended) entity type for which the icon will be uploaded $vars['entity_subtype'] (recommended) entity subtype for which the icon will be uploaded $vars['icon_type'] the type of the icon (default: icon) $vars['name'] name of the input/file (default: icon) $vars['remove_name'] name of the remove icon toggle (default: $vars['name'] . '_remove') $vars['required'] is icon upload required (default: false) $vars['show_remove'] show the remove icon option (default: true) $vars['show_thumb'] show the thumb of the entity if available (default: true) $vars['thumb_size'] the icon size to use as the thumb (default: medium) $vars['cropper_enabled'] enable cropper features (default: true), see the view 'entity/edit/icon/crop' for more details

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