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fieldset.php File Reference

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 $vars ['class'] = elgg_extract_class($vars, ['elgg-fieldset'])
 Renders a set of fields wrapped in a <fieldset> tag. More...
 $align = elgg_extract('align', $vars, 'vertical')
 $vars ['class'][] = "elgg-fieldset-{$align}"
 $justify = elgg_extract('justify', $vars)
if(!empty($justify)) $legend = elgg_extract('legend', $vars, '')
if(!empty($legend)) $fields = (array) elgg_extract('fields', $vars, [])
 $fieldset = ''

Variable Documentation

$align = elgg_extract('align', $vars, 'vertical')

Definition at line 18 of file fieldset.php.

if (!empty($legend)) $fields = (array) elgg_extract('fields', $vars, [])

Definition at line 35 of file fieldset.php.

$fieldset = ''

Definition at line 38 of file fieldset.php.

$justify = elgg_extract('justify', $vars)

Definition at line 22 of file fieldset.php.

if (!empty($justify)) $legend = elgg_extract('legend', $vars, '')

Definition at line 28 of file fieldset.php.

$vars['class'] = elgg_extract_class($vars, ['elgg-fieldset'])

Renders a set of fields wrapped in a <fieldset> tag.

$vars['class'] Additional CSS classes $vars['align'] Field alignment (vertical|horizontal) If set to horizontal, fields will be rendered with inline display $vars['justify'] Text justification (left|right|center) $vars['legend'] Optional fieldset legend $vars['fields'] An array of field options Field options should be suitable for use in elgg_view_field()

Definition at line 16 of file fieldset.php.

$vars['class'][] = "elgg-fieldset-{$align}"

Definition at line 20 of file fieldset.php.