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 $refresh = ''
 Navigation for installation pages. More...
if(elgg_extract('refresh', $vars)) $next_options
if(elgg_extract('refresh', $vars)) if(elgg_extract('advance', $vars)===false) $next = elgg_view('output/url', $next_options)

Variable Documentation

if (elgg_extract('refresh', $vars)) if (elgg_extract('advance', $vars)===false) $next = elgg_view('output/url', $next_options)

Definition at line 34 of file nav.php.

if (elgg_extract('refresh', $vars)) $next_options
Initial value:
= [
'text' => elgg_echo('install:next')
elgg_echo(string $message_key, array $args=[], string $language= '')
Elgg language module Functions to manage language and translations.
Definition: languages.php:17

Definition at line 22 of file nav.php.

$refresh = ''

Navigation for installation pages.

$vars['url'] base url of site $vars['next_step'] next step as string $vars['refresh'] should refresh button be shown? $vars['advance'] should the next button be active?

Definition at line 12 of file nav.php.