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 $opcache_available = function_exists('opcache_get_status')
 OPCache info. More...
 $opcache_status = false
if($opcache_available) if(!$opcache_available||empty($opcache_status)) $array_to_table

Variable Documentation

if ($opcache_available) if (!$opcache_available||empty($opcache_status)) $array_to_table
Initial value:
= function($array) use (&$array_to_table) {
$rows = '';
foreach ($array as $key => $value) {
if (is_array($value)) {
$rows .= "<tr><th colspan='2'><b>{$key}</b></th></tr>";
if ($value === true) {
$value = 'true';
} elseif ($value === false) {
$value = 'false';
$rows .= "<tr><td>{$key}</td><td>{$value}</td></tr>";
return $rows;
if($opcache_available) if(!$opcache_available||empty($opcache_status)) $array_to_table
Definition: opcache.php:18
Definition: redis.php:25
if($item instanceof\ElggEntity) elseif($item instanceof\ElggRiverItem) elseif($item instanceof\ElggRelationship) elseif(is_callable([$item, 'getType']))
Definition: item.php:48
Definition: generic.php:51
if($container instanceof ElggGroup &&$container->guid!=elgg_get_page_owner_guid()) $key
Definition: summary.php:44

Definition at line 18 of file opcache.php.

$opcache_available = function_exists('opcache_get_status')

OPCache info.

Definition at line 6 of file opcache.php.

$opcache_status = false

Definition at line 7 of file opcache.php.