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 $segments = explode('/', trim(elgg_extract('segments', $vars, ''), '/'))
if(empty($segments[0])) $title = elgg_echo("admin:{$segments[0]}")
if(count($segments) > 1) $view = 'admin/' . implode('/', $segments)
if(empty($content)) $body

Variable Documentation

if (empty($content)) $body
Initial value:
= elgg_view_layout('admin', [
'title' => $title,
'content' => $content,
'filter_id' => 'admin',
elgg_view_layout(string $layout_name, array $vars=[])
Displays a layout with optional parameters.
Definition: views.php:352
if(empty($segments[0])) $title
Definition: admin.php:20
Definition: admin.php:26

Definition at line 35 of file admin.php.

Initial value:
'page' => $segments,
if(count($segments) > 1) $view
Definition: admin.php:25
elgg_view(string $view, array $vars=[], string $viewtype= '')
Return a parsed view.
Definition: views.php:156
Definition: admin.php:13

Definition at line 26 of file admin.php.

$segments = explode('/', trim(elgg_extract('segments', $vars, ''), '/'))

Definition at line 13 of file admin.php.

if (empty($segments[0])) $title = elgg_echo("admin:{$segments[0]}")

Definition at line 20 of file admin.php.

if (count($segments) > 1) $view = 'admin/' . implode('/', $segments)

Definition at line 25 of file admin.php.