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if(isset($vars['options_values'])) $entity_allows_comments = elgg_extract('entity_allows_comments', $vars, true)
 Elgg access level input Displays a dropdown input field. More...
 $vars ['class'] = elgg_extract_class($vars, 'elgg-input-access')
 $params = []
foreach($keys as $key=> $default_value) $entity = $params['entity']
if($entity) $container = elgg_get_page_owner_entity()
if(!$params['container_guid']&&$container) if(!isset($vars['value'])||$vars['value']==ACCESS_DEFAULT$params ['value'] = elgg_extract('value', $vars)
if(!isset($vars['options_values'])) if(!isset($vars['disabled'])) if (!isset($vars['options_values'][$vars['value']]))

Variable Documentation

if ($entity) $container = elgg_get_page_owner_entity()

Definition at line 61 of file access.php.

foreach ($keys as $key=> $default_value) $entity = $params['entity']

Definition at line 47 of file access.php.

if (isset($vars['options_values'])) $entity_allows_comments = elgg_extract('entity_allows_comments', $vars, true)

Elgg access level input Displays a dropdown input field.

$vars['value'] The current value, if any $vars['options_values'] Array of value => label pairs (overrides default) $vars['name'] The name of the input field $vars['entity'] Optional. The entity for this access control (uses access_id) $vars['class'] Additional CSS class

$vars['entity_type'] Optional. Type of the entity $vars['entity_subtype'] Optional. Subtype of the entity $vars['container_guid'] Optional. Container GUID of the entity $vars['entity_allows_comments'] Optional. (bool) whether the entity uses comments - used for UI display of access change warnings

Definition at line 26 of file access.php.

Initial value:
= [
'entity' => null

Definition at line 34 of file access.php.

$params = []

Definition at line 32 of file access.php.

if (!$params['container_guid']&&$container) if (!isset($vars['value'])||$vars['value']==ACCESS_DEFAULT) $params['value'] = elgg_extract('value', $vars)

Definition at line 78 of file access.php.

$vars['class'] = elgg_extract_class($vars, 'elgg-input-access')

Definition at line 29 of file access.php.

if (!isset($vars['options_values'])) if (!isset($vars['disabled'])) if(!isset($vars['options_values'][$vars['value']]))

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