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user_hover.php File Reference

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 $user = $vars['entity']
 User hover menu. More...
 $actions = elgg_extract('action', $vars['menu'], null)
 Provides common Elgg services. More...
 $main = elgg_extract('default', $vars['menu'], null)
 $admin = elgg_extract('admin', $vars['menu'], null)
if(elgg_is_logged_in()&&$actions) if($mainif (elgg_is_admin_logged_in()&&$admin)

Variable Documentation

read Elgg_ActionsService $actions = elgg_extract('action', $vars['menu'], null)

Provides common Elgg services.

We extend the container because it allows us to document properties in the PhpDoc, which assists IDEs to auto-complete properties and understand the types returned. Extension allows us to keep the container generic.

Definition at line 12 of file user_hover.php.

$admin = elgg_extract('admin', $vars['menu'], null)

Definition at line 14 of file user_hover.php.

$main = elgg_extract('default', $vars['menu'], null)

Definition at line 13 of file user_hover.php.

Initial value:
= elgg_view('output/url', array(
'href' => $user->getURL(),
'text' => "<span class=\"elgg-heading-basic\">$user->name</span>&#64;$user->username",
'is_trusted' => true,
elgg_view($view, $vars=array(), $bypass=false, $ignored=false, $viewtype= '')
Return a parsed view.
Definition: views.php:354
User hover menu.
Definition: user_hover.php:11

Definition at line 19 of file user_hover.php.

$user = $vars['entity']

User hover menu.

Register for the 'register', 'menu:user_hover' plugin hook to add to the user hover menu. There are three sections: action, default, and admin.

$vars['menu'] Menu array provided by elgg_view_menu()

Definition at line 11 of file user_hover.php.

if (elgg_is_logged_in()&&$actions) if ($main) if(elgg_is_admin_logged_in()&&$admin)

Definition at line 49 of file user_hover.php.