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jquery.jeditable.js File Reference

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Version 1.7.3

** means there is basic unit tests for this parameter.


Stringtarget (POST) URL or function to send edited content to **
Hashoptions additional options
Stringoptions[method] method to use to send edited content (POST or PUT) **
Functionoptions[callback] Function to run after submitting edited content **
Stringoptions[name] POST parameter name of edited content
Stringoptions[id] POST parameter name of edited div id
Hashoptions[submitdata] Extra parameters to send when submitting edited content.
Stringoptions[type] text, textarea or select (or any 3rd party input type) **
Integeroptions[rows] number of rows if using textarea **
Integeroptions[cols] number of columns if using textarea **
Mixedoptions[height] 'auto', 'none' or height in pixels **
Mixedoptions[width] 'auto', 'none' or width in pixels **
Stringoptions[loadurl] URL to fetch input content before editing **
Stringoptions[loadtype] Request type for load url. Should be GET or POST.
Stringoptions[loadtext] Text to display while loading external content.
Mixedoptions[loaddata] Extra parameters to pass when fetching content before editing.
Mixedoptions[data] Or content given as paramameter. String or function.**
Stringoptions[indicator] indicator html to show when saving
Stringoptions[tooltip] optional tooltip text via title attribute **
Stringoptions[event] jQuery event such as 'click' of 'dblclick' **
Stringoptions[submit] submit button value, empty means no button **
Stringoptions[cancel] cancel button value, empty means no button **
Stringoptions[cssclass] CSS class to apply to input form. 'inherit' to copy from parent. **
Stringoptions[style] Style to apply to input form 'inherit' to copy from parent. **
Stringoptions[select] true or false, when true text is highlighted ??
Stringoptions[placeholder] Placeholder text or html to insert when element is empty. **
Stringoptions[onblur] 'cancel', 'submit', 'ignore' or function ??
Functionoptions[onsubmit] function(settings, original) { ... } called before submit
Functionoptions[onreset] function(settings, original) { ... } called before reset
Functionoptions[onerror] function(settings, original, xhr) { ... } called on error
Hashoptions[ajaxoptions] jQuery Ajax options. See docs.jquery.com.
function editable
fn editable defaults

Variable Documentation

fn editable defaults
Initial value:
= {
name : 'value',
id : 'id',
type : 'text',
width : 'auto',
height : 'auto',
event : 'click.editable',
onblur : 'cancel',
loadtype : 'GET',
loadtext : 'Loading...',
placeholder: 'Click to edit',
loaddata : {},
submitdata : {},
ajaxoptions: {}
line height
Definition: admin.css.php:82
list style type
Definition: admin.css.php:808
min width
Definition: admin.css.php:166
$site name
elgg widget placeholder
Definition: admin.css.php:1308

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function editable

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