Elgg  Version 2.3
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1 <?php
11 elgg_set_http_header("Content-Type: application/json;charset=utf-8");
13 echo $vars['body'];
15 // backward compatibility
17 if (isset($jsonexport)) {
18  elgg_deprecated_notice("Using \$jsonexport to produce json output has been deprecated", 1.9);
19  echo json_encode($jsonexport);
20 }
elgg_set_http_header($header, $replace=true)
Set a response HTTP header.
Definition: elgglib.php:114
elgg echo
Translates a string.
Definition: languages.js:48
elgg_deprecated_notice($msg, $dep_version, $backtrace_level=1)
Log a notice about deprecated use of a function, view, etc.
Definition: elgglib.php:1098
elgg global
Pointer to the global context.
Definition: elgglib.js:12
if(!array_key_exists($size, $icon_sizes)) $vars['size']
Definition: default.php:24
global $jsonexport
Definition: default.php:13