Elgg  Version 5.1
notifications.php File Reference

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 $guid = (int) get_input('guid')
 $user = get_user($guid)
if(!$user instanceof ElggUser||!$user->canEdit()) $methods = elgg_get_notification_methods()
if(empty($methods)) $notification_settings = (array) get_input('notification_setting', [])
foreach($notification_settings as $purpose=> $prefered_methods) if((bool) elgg_get_config('enable_delayed_email')) $start = (int) get_input('timed_muting_start')
 $end = (int) get_input('timed_muting_end')
if(!empty($start)&&!empty($end)&&$start<=$end) else

Variable Documentation

$end = (int) get_input('timed_muting_end')

Definition at line 46 of file notifications.php.

$guid = (int) get_input('guid')

Definition at line 8 of file notifications.php.

if (!$user instanceof ElggUser||!$user->canEdit()) $methods = elgg_get_notification_methods()

Definition at line 15 of file notifications.php.

if (empty($methods)) $notification_settings = (array) get_input('notification_setting', [])

Definition at line 21 of file notifications.php.

foreach ($notification_settings as $purpose=> $prefered_methods) if ((bool) elgg_get_config('enable_delayed_email')) $start = (int) get_input('timed_muting_start')

Definition at line 45 of file notifications.php.

$user = get_user($guid)

Definition at line 10 of file notifications.php.

if (!empty($start)&&!empty($end)&&$start<=$end) else
Initial value:

Definition at line 55 of file notifications.php.