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Elgg\Upgrade\AsynchronousUpgrade Class Reference

Class to extend for asynchronous upgrades, i.e. More...

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Elgg\Upgrade\Batch Elgg\Upgrades\AlterDatabaseToMultiByteCharset Elgg\Upgrades\ContentOwnerSubscriptions Elgg\Upgrades\MigrateACLNotificationPreferences Elgg\Upgrades\NotificationsPrefix Elgg\Upgrades\RemoveOrphanedThreadedComments

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- Public Member Functions inherited from Elgg\Upgrade\Batch
 __construct (protected?\ElggUpgrade $upgrade=null)
 Constructs a upgrade batch. More...
 getVersion ()
 Version of the upgrade. More...
 shouldBeSkipped ()
 Should this upgrade be skipped? More...
 needsIncrementOffset ()
 Should the run() method receive an offset representing all processed items? More...
 countItems ()
 The total number of items to process during the upgrade. More...
 run (Result $result, $offset)
 Runs upgrade on a single batch of items. More...
 getUpgrade ()
 Returns the related upgrade entity. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from Elgg\Upgrade\Batch
const UNKNOWN_COUNT = -1
 countItems() should return this if it doesn't know how many items remain. More...

Detailed Description

Class to extend for asynchronous upgrades, i.e.

upgrades that can be executed at any time by the system admin

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