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ElggSharedMemoryCache Class Reference
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ElggCache Elgg\Cache\NullCache ElggMemcache ElggStaticVariableCache

Public Member Functions

 setNamespace ($namespace="default")
 Set the namespace of this cache. More...
 getNamespace ()
 Get the namespace currently defined. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ElggCache
 __construct ()
 Set the constructor. More...
 setVariable ($variable, $value)
 Set a cache variable. More...
 getVariable ($variable)
 Get variables for this cache. More...
 __get ($key)
 Class member get overloading, returning key using $this->load defaults. More...
 __set ($key, $value)
 Class member set overloading, setting a key using $this->save defaults. More...
 __isset ($key)
 Supporting isset, using $this->load() with default values. More...
 __unset ($key)
 Supporting unsetting of magic attributes. More...
 save ($key, $data)
 Save data in a cache. More...
 load ($key, $offset=0, $limit=null)
 Load data from the cache using a given key. More...
 delete ($key)
 Invalidate a key. More...
 clear ()
 Clear out all the contents of the cache. More...
 add ($key, $data)
 Add a key only if it doesn't already exist. More...
 offsetSet ($key, $value)
 Assigns a value for the specified key. More...
 offsetGet ($key)
 Get the value for specified key. More...
 offsetUnset ($key)
 Unsets a key. More...
 offsetExists ($key)
 Does key exist. More...

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

ElggSharedMemoryCache::getNamespace ( )

Get the namespace currently defined.


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ElggSharedMemoryCache::setNamespace (   $namespace = "default")

Set the namespace of this cache.

This is useful for cache types (like memcache or static variables) where there is one large flat area of memory shared across all instances of the cache.

string$namespaceNamespace for cache

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