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Elgg\Database\Datalist Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 __construct (Pool $cache, Database $db, Logger $logger, $table)
 Constructor. More...
 setCache (Pool $pool)
 Set cache. More...
 get ($name)
 Get the value of a datalist element. More...
 set ($name, $value)
 Set the value for a datalist element. More...
 runFunctionOnce ($functionname, $timelastupdatedcheck=0)
 Run a function one time per installation. More...

Public Attributes

const MAX_NAME_LENGTH = 255

Protected Member Functions

 validateName ($name)
 Verify a datalist name is valid. More...

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Elgg\Database\Datalist::__construct ( Pool  $cache,
Database  $db,
Logger  $logger,


Pool$cacheSome kind of caching implementation
Database$dbThe database
Logger$loggerA logger
string$tableThe name of the datalists table, including prefix

Definition at line 44 of file Datalist.php.

Member Function Documentation

Elgg\Database\Datalist::get (   $name)

Get the value of a datalist element.

Plugin authors should use elgg_get_config() and pass null for the site GUID.

Definition at line 77 of file Datalist.php.

Elgg\Database\Datalist::runFunctionOnce (   $functionname,
  $timelastupdatedcheck = 0 

Run a function one time per installation.

If you pass a timestamp as the second argument, it will run the function only if (i) it has never been run before or (ii) the timestamp is >= the last time it was run.

Functions are determined by their name. If you change the name of a function it will be run again.

Use $timelastupdatedcheck in your plugins init function to perform automated upgrades. Schedule a function to run once and pass the timestamp of the new release. This will cause the run once function to be run on all installations. To perform additional upgrades, create new functions for each release.

The function name cannot be longer than 255 characters long due to the current schema for the datalist table.

Definition at line 161 of file Datalist.php.

Elgg\Database\Datalist::set (   $name,

Set the value for a datalist element.

Plugin authors should use elgg_save_config() and pass null for the site GUID.

Names should be selected so as not to collide with the names for the site config.
Values set here are not available in $CONFIG until next page load.
string$nameThe name of the datalist
string$valueThe new value
bool private

Definition at line 110 of file Datalist.php.

Elgg\Database\Datalist::setCache ( Pool  $pool)

Set cache.

The BootService injects a pre-populated cache here. The constructor requires a cache as well because the installer doesn't fully boot.

void private
See also

Definition at line 60 of file Datalist.php.

Elgg\Database\Datalist::validateName (   $name)

Verify a datalist name is valid.

string$nameDatalist name to be checked

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Member Data Documentation


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const Elgg\Database\Datalist::MAX_NAME_LENGTH = 255

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