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Elgg\Database\Seeds\Objects Class Reference

Add blog seed. More...

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Public Member Functions

 seed ()
 {} More...
 unseed ()
 {} More...
 getRandomStatus ()
 Returns random blog status. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Elgg\Database\Seeds\Seed
 __construct ($locale= 'en_US')
 Seed constructor. More...
 seed ()
 Populate database. More...
 unseed ()
 Removed seeded rows from database. More...
 getDomain ()
 Get site domain. More...
 createUser (array $attributes=[], array $metadata=[])
 Create a new faker user. More...
 createGroup (array $attributes=[], array $metadata=[])
 Create a new faker group. More...
 createObject (array $attributes=[], array $metadata=[])
 Create a new faker object. More...
 getRandomUser (array $exclude=[])
 Returns random fake user. More...
 getRandomGroup (array $exclude=[])
 Returns random fake group. More...
 getRandomAccessId (\ElggUser $user=null, ElggEntity $container=null)
 Get random access id. More...
 getRandomUsername ($base_name= 'user')
 Generates a unique available and valid username. More...
 populateMetadata (ElggEntity $entity, array $fields=[], array $metadata=[])
 Set random metadata. More...
 createIcon (ElggEntity $entity)
 Create an icon for an entity. More...
 createComments (ElggEntity $entity, $limit=null)
 Create comments/replies. More...
 createLikes (ElggEntity $entity, $limit=null)
 Create likes. More...
 log ($msg, $level= 'NOTICE')
 Log a message. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from Elgg\Database\Seeds\Seed
 $limit = 3

Detailed Description

Add blog seed.


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Member Function Documentation

Elgg\Database\Seeds\Objects::getRandomStatus ( )

Returns random blog status.


Definition at line 110 of file Objects.php.

Elgg\Database\Seeds\Objects::seed ( )


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Elgg\Database\Seeds\Objects::unseed ( )


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