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friendspicker.php File Reference

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 $chararray = elgg_echo('friendspicker:chararray')
if(!isset($vars['name'])) else
 $activeletters = array()
if(!$callback) if (isset($vars['replacement']))

Variable Documentation

$activeletters = array()

Definition at line 68 of file friendspicker.php.

$chararray = elgg_echo('friendspicker:chararray')

Definition at line 22 of file friendspicker.php.

if (is_array($vars['entities'])&&sizeof($vars['entities'])) foreach ($users as $letter=> $letter_users) if (!$callback) if (!isset($vars['replacement'])) else
Initial value:
$name = $vars['name']
if($guid==elgg_get_logged_in_user_guid()) $name
Definition: delete.php:21

Definition at line 27 of file friendspicker.php.

if (!$callback) if(isset($vars['replacement']))

Definition at line 294 of file friendspicker.php.